STREAM:Yun Gri – ‘go outside? for what tho’ [instrumental album]

Polish rapper-producer Yun Gri has a crazy sound, man. his music comes straight out of a half-dream; like sleeping with the radio on and letting it invade your fantasies. this latest release from Gri features a variety of moods from vaporwave vibes to boom bap – all the while graced with transitional samples that show you just what the artist is into personally. it really shows a versatility in his production and musical taste alike. it’s safe to say that in nearly 18-minutes this listening experience will take you on a journey through sound and emotion that leads each of us to our own personal destination. i can’t say where it will lead you, but i know where it led me; i’m grateful for that adventure. take a trip with Yun Gri, stream the album above and download it for free at his Bandcamp.


meet the youtuber: sadmoritz

in the modern age of whatever the fuck ‘the underground’ is, YouTube still holds far more bearing over Soundcloud by default. the people who suck at finding music use YouTube, as do the cheapskates who stream full albums versus purchasing (or steal music from video to mp3 converters), and let’s not even get into people who “can’t figure out” Soundcloud whatever the hell that means. but YouTube is here to stay and this ‘underground’ thing has fully embraced it through the rise of channels such as TrillPhonk, Astvri, and the like. but this isn’t about those guys; chances are if you’re reading this you already know more about those channels than i could tell you.

i’m here to talk about this kid sadmoritz

sadmoritz (real name unknown) is a 14 yr old music fan from a small town in Germany that he didn’t give me the name of. he started his channel as a way to share emotionally driven music with others who are into the same thing, but have trouble finding it; providing a one stop location for artists such as Nothing,Nowhere, Lil Peep, Oliver, and more. he doesn’t have subscriber goals or any other aspirations of gaining personally from the channel, he just really loves the music and wants to help others find it – you gotta love him for being so genuine, it’s a rarity in ‘the underground’. in the future moritz wants to host music videos, not really seeing himself as the promoter type. however, he did express some interest in starting record label. he finds a majority of his music just through scrolling Soundcloud and listening to everything on his feed; what’s posted on his channel are the tracks he falls in love with. currently his channel has over 1,300 subscribers and countless songs posted, accompanied by clips from various popular anime series. if your music makes it onto his channel, he’s putting you onto a lot of people without asking anything in return. it’s pure love.

personally, i am in frequent contact with this kid through social media  and he’s the genuine article. a true music lover with a passion that drives him to spread music. he owns more merch than anyone i’ve seen. the ultimate fan that every artist wants by their back. give his channel a few views, explore music that you had no clue existed, hit that subscribe button, and look out for label moves from this young Germ in the future. i have a lot of faith in him; you should too..

Hidden Gem: Pink Cocaine! Vol. 2

Virginia Beach has been home to a couple of cool things. Flipper McCoy’s arcade, Mount Trashmore skatepark, Pharrell Williams, and Pink Cocaine. Pink is a cool dude, and most days you can catch him on Periscope sharing his life with the world, as well as his creative process. For those out there unfamiliar, Pink Cocaine is the type of rapper to drop a ten-track tape this week on Thursday and then by Tuesday he’s already talking about a five-track complimentary EP. he flows off the top with catchy delivery that you can’t help but hum along with his melody. lately things have been picking up for Pink and he’s been getting some shows here on the east coast, with an upcoming show in California i believe (don’t fuckin quote me tho). peep the drop above. put that shit in your likes and revisit it next time you feel like sparkin’something.

icymi: P2thegoldma$k – Kip Dynamite

it’s been years since Napoleon Dynamite dropped. some would say it’s one of the greatest movies ever, others think it’s complete garbage. my opinion doesn’t matter on that; this isn’t a fucking film blog and it’s irrelevant anyways. what is relevant is P2thegoldma$k. Kip Dynamite: The Real American Drug Story is a short tape released through the Emo Tech Support soundcloud page featuring some new tracks from P2 sprinkled with samples from Napoleon Dynamite which, taken out of context, tells a new twist on the classic story of a family drug enterprise – and a little bit about the internet. i could go on for hours about my love for P2 and PMG as a whole, but i’d rather just leave it here. peep the tape for modern classics like ‘Nike’, ‘Uncle Rico’, and ‘Technology’.

Quotables: ‘me and Uncle Rico got bricks on the reg’ ‘they tryna make me popular like Nike, i don’t even think i like it’


loose change: 19 singles from Bummy Boy

introduce yourself to Bummy Boy. to be quite honest i don’t know much about Bummy besides that he may or may not be dropping a track produced by me this week and that he is a loving father to his son. i can’t tell you where he’s from or how old he is, but are those the most important details to this story? the 19 tracks above can tell you everything you really need to know about Bummy Boy; a tale told through raw talent. stay tuned for more releases from Bummy as he continues to churn out hit after hit. don’t leave his testament unheard..

i’m back

somewhere along the line we all forget who we are and where we’re going, being so wrapped in who we want to be versus where we are. life has a funny way of tricking us into ignoring that it has an end as we struggle to comprehend the present. and so, presently here i sit in the worst of my moods with eyes half open – ready to begin again at an endeavor i had left behind me so abruptly. this time will be much different. i don’t know if i will do interviews, but i will create a space to share the music that i have been privileged to enjoy and be a part of; whether my own creations, those of my friends, or that of my idols who know not i exist.

welcome back to the unheard testament