icymi: P2thegoldma$k – Kip Dynamite

it’s been years since Napoleon Dynamite dropped. some would say it’s one of the greatest movies ever, others think it’s complete garbage. my opinion doesn’t matter on that; this isn’t a fucking film blog and it’s irrelevant anyways. what is relevant is P2thegoldma$k. Kip Dynamite: The Real American Drug Story is a short tape released through the Emo Tech Support soundcloud page featuring some new tracks from P2 sprinkled with samples from Napoleon Dynamite which, taken out of context, tells a new twist on the classic story of a family drug enterprise – and a little bit about the internet. i could go on for hours about my love for P2 and PMG as a whole, but i’d rather just leave it here. peep the tape for modern classics like ‘Nike’, ‘Uncle Rico’, and ‘Technology’.

Quotables: ‘me and Uncle Rico got bricks on the reg’ ‘they tryna make me popular like Nike, i don’t even think i like it’



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